Spirits and liqueurs

I’ve looked at the other market segments, but not spirits and liqueurs, so it’s about time I put that right.

Spirits and liqueurs are a very diverse category indeed. It includes whisky, gin, vodka, mead and all kinds of liqueurs. Actually, there’s a questionmark over whether it’s a meaningful category at all but I think it just about scrapes it as a catch-all for the rest of the industry.

Without any doubt the leading company here is Penderyn, its whiskies are multi-award winning and highly rated. As well as single malt whisky it also makes other premium spirits and recently announced a big expansion.

Among the other producers there are some quality liqueurs being produced and Condessa won gold and bronze at the recent Wales the True Taste awards. Liqueurs is currently a market segment in growth due to the high-end cocktail renaissance.

We have a good number of liqueur producers in Wales and they could be well placed to capitalise on this. To do so they need to learn Penderyn’s lesson and realise that consumers are increasingly sophisticated – quality needs to be both inside and outside the bottle. There are some producers whose products may be seen as ‘novelty’ items, these are less likely to see growth.

Among the other producers in this diverse category are those that make mead and country wines. These are areas that traditionally see little serious interest.  It would certainly be a challenge for any company to see serious growth, but, then again, drinkers are always looking for the next ‘big thing’.

So, this diverse category is potentially a very interesting one and could grow in different directions, but there’s also a lot of work to be done by the producers to emulate Penderyn’s success.

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