Welsh drinks producers come together

Welsh drinks producers came together recently to launch an organisation aimed at promoting all Welsh drinks.

I obviously know a thing or two about names as they liked my name so much they used it too, also calling the organisation Drinks Wales!

The aim is to create an ‘umbrella identity’ for all Welsh drinks producers overcoming what is a problem with the Welsh drinks industry, the relatively small scale of many producers very much in line with what I said here last year.

They are starting with a website and logo and have formed a board chaired by Brecon Brewing’s Buster Grant. Buster has been an erstwhile promoter of Welsh beer and I have no doubt will do a great job for Welsh drinks in general, especially with the help of a board made up of some key players from the different drink sectors.

drinks wales

Their mission statement is worth quoting in full as I’m sure it is one that all those who are passionate about Welsh drinks would subscribe to:

‘Drinks Wales aims to promote the manufacture, appreciation and consumption of Welsh-made alcoholic drinks products throughout the UK and beyond, and to provide a point of contact for those who wish to learn more about this.’

The main challenge Buster sees for the organisation is getting competitor companies to co-operate for the greater good. They currently have 35 companies signed up and that’s a good start.

The organisation is producer led and will provide a directory of producers and outlets, be involved in PR activity, work on drinks tourism, represent the industry at trade shows and much more. We can also expect to see some significant activity around St David’s Day next year.

The new organisation was launched by Alun Davies AM Minister for Natural Resources and Food at the Royal Welsh Show and he has been a strong supporter of the Welsh drinks industry since becoming a government minister.

This development is definitely a strong step in the right direction by the industry and I really hope that as many drinks producers as possible in Wales sign up and become members of the organisation. Joining together in this way unleashes the potential of the Welsh drinks industry and it is hoped opens the door to a bright future.

As Buster Grant said at the launch ‘the future promises to be an exciting place. It is time to add to Welsh Drinks to the pantheon of Welsh achievements, to gather in the recognition and respect so overdue, to gain acknowledgement of achievements and awards; a far greater strike rate per company in each sector than in any other part of the UK. Let’s raise a glass… to Drinks Wales’

Well this Drinks Wales couldn’t agree more and I’ll certainly raise a glass to that – iechyd da!

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