Welsh gin head to head

The Welsh Whisky Company, most famous for its Penderyn single malt whisky, has a well established gin – Brecon Special Reserve. However, recently they released a small batch limited gin named Brecon Botanicals.

This was released following the demand of their Spanish distributor and is lovingly packaged, as would be expected from anything coming from this company. The bottle features illustrations of the botanicals used on the front of the bottle and on the inside of the back label.

Having two gins leads to what else but a head to head tasting, here’s how I got on…


Juniper and citrus was more evident in the Special Reserve and, whilst also present in the Botanicals, it felt spicier, sweeter and had an altogether stronger flavour profile.

Water added:

Citrus is accentuated in the Special Reserve, the Botanicals becomes more fragrant but spice remains, again the enhanced flavour profile of the Botanicals is evident.

Gin & Tonic

This seems to bring out more sweetness in the Special Reserve.

On the whole they are clearly from the same stable and the differences are ones of degree as opposed to being fundamentally different. Botanicals does have a slightly stronger flavour profile and is a slightly more premium product. Bottom line – both are great gins with Botanicals offering a touch more.

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