Big news in the Welsh drinks industry last week was Penderyn’s £1m investment.

What are they spending it on? Well, firstly, they are installing a second still akin to the original one. This is a bit different to the traditional pot still in that it is a pot with a column still on top and is a key part of what makes Penderyn unique. By adding a second still they can effectively double production and allow them to meet the demand in their core markets and target other markets in Europe, North America and Asia with their fabulous single malt.

Stephen Davies, MD of the company says that to meet demand they have to expand as they have hit production capacity with their single still. He goes on to say that “this is a significant milestone for us: ever since our first bottles hit the shelves in 2004 the quality of our products has shone through, helping us to grow the distillery into a company which sells single malt whisky all over the world. We’re already well distributed in the UK and are investing in new markets such as France and Germany, but expect to expand further throughout Europe. We have ambitions to explore further possibilities in North America and Asia on completion of the expansion project.”

This is a great sign for the company showing that they are doing well and are planning now for a forecasted increase in demand. Remember, whisky must age at least three years before it can be bottled so peering into the future isn’t a nice to do, in the whisky business it’s a must do!

But that’s not all, they are also installing a conventional two pot still plant. This they say will allow them to produce ‘new and creative styles and expressions of single malt’. Penderyn is a very high quality single malt, the thought of experimental styles and expressions is exciting indeed.

It’ll be a little while yet before they’re on stream and producing spirit as the as the partner to the current still is not being commissioned until August this year and the two pot still unit in January 2014. It will be very interesting in a few years time to compare the products of their pot and column still combination with the output of the two pot still plant.

Another point worthy of note is that the Welsh Government have supported this expansion, again showing that they are beginning to understand the potential of our drinks industry.

This is great news all round and will also be good for the Welsh drinks industry generally in that it pushes Welsh drinks to the forefront in more and more countries world wide.

Since day one Penderyn have gone for a quality product in quality packaging with quality branding. The last two are important but the first is paramount. Penderyn is a quality spirit and when allied with very good cask procurement and management the results are a whisky that holds its own on the world stage. Exciting times indeed for Welsh whisky.

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